Battles at 10,000 rpm – Best Motoring

The Best Motoring crew sets out to find the ultimate naturally aspirated car the only way they know how: a track battle. These guys do car reviews similar to shows like Top Gear, but the big difference is they like to interact with aftermarket tuners such as Spoon, J’s Racing and Powerhouse Amuse. They do a lot of wheel to wheel track racing and touge road racing to compare cars and discuss tuning philosophies. For this particular comparison, they try to find the best of tuned naturally aspirated cars. They talk about the benefits of NA tuning versus turbochargers and then they see whose car is fastest around Tsukuba. The lineup runs from a B18 CRX to a couple of NSX’s, a 350Z and 20b 3-rotor FD RX-7 by RE Amemiya.

Source: GT Channel on YouTube

Drifting the RX-8

The guys at Best Motoring did an entire feature on the RX-8 a little bit after it came out. This excerpt is them doing a drift evaluation on the chassis ending with a test drive of an RX-8 that competes in the D1 Drift Championship. At the end of the video, they discuss the possibility of a turbocharged RX-7 making a return. That would have been the 2 door version of the RX-8 with a factory turbocharged engine. Unfortunately engine problems and weak sales of the RX-8 ended that idea. It was rumored that Mazda was going to try and apply its new high compression Sky Active philosophies to a new, larger displacement engine, but I think they gave up on that as well. As it sits now, it looks like the rotary engine won’t be able to overcome its reliability and fuel efficiency shortcomings to make a return to the market. At least Mazda is still making sporty cars and continues a massive grassroots motorsports support program.

Source: GT Channel

Kazama Rodeo Drift

Yasuyuki Kazama is a Japanese driver that used to compete in the D1 Drift Championship. In his prime, he was widely regarded as the best drifter in the world. While he was competing, he earned the nickname of “Waku Waku Kun” which means “Rodeo Clown” in Japanese. He got the nickname by driving his car while half hanging out of the window. He even got good enough to drift the car like this. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Source: YouTube user ASDF369dd

Tomi Makkinen Drives the Best Motoring Touge

This is an older video from the Best Motoring crew. They invite Tommi Makkinen to drive the Gunsai Touge (it’s a course in a motorsports park where they do hold a lot of competitions for street tuned cars). Subaru was generous enough to bring Tommi’s last championship winning car out for the bit. The guys take turns riding in the car with him to observe his technique in the snow. The last part is where Makkinen goes all out. They put a camera in the footwell to show his left foot braking technique. A lot of rally cars are setup with a strong rear brake bias that allows the drivers to initiate drifts using left foot braking.

Source: GT Channel on YouTube

Best Motoring Street Tuned RX-8 Battle

My buddy Scott found this video on YouTube. It’s the Best Motoring guys seeing how well the Fujita Engineering RX-8 stacks up against recent crop of Newtype NA (high specific displacement, naturally aspirated engines usually above 2.0 liters in displacement) cars. If you’ve never watched Best Motoring before, it’s a group of Japanese race drivers, including drift king Keiichi Tsuchiya, who do car review videos. The signature characteristic of their series is that they will test new cars as well as tuned cars. It’s a unique feature born from the extensive Japanese automotive aftermarket. The Best Motoring track battles are fun to watch because the guys are all friends and have fun with each other while doing some world class driving.

Source: 9789FD3 on YouTube