1969 AMC AMX-Cess – Big Muscle

This week’s episode of Big Muscle features a 1969 AMC AMX whose owner, Jimi Day, lovingly refers to as AMX-Cess. It’s a car that he fell in love with while working at a body shop as a kid. The host of Big Muscle, Mike Musto, says the hardcore AMC guys are going to be initially excited that they featured an AMC but then they’ll get mad when they realize there’s not much of the original car left. The AMX-Cess is powered by a GM Poerformance Parts LS3 under the hood with a Keisler 5-speed transmission, Ford 9 inch rear end and Ridetech suspension system. Jimi built it this way because he wanted a car that handled well and would be fun and reliable for track day thrashing. Mike ends up liking the car so much that he says it’s in the Top 2 of cars that he’s driven for the show.

Source: DRIVE on YouTube via BANGshift.com

1979 Dodge Little Red Express – Big Muscle

Big Muscle is back on the DRIVE channel with this feature of the fastest 0-100 mph American production vehicle of 1978, the Dodge Little Red Express. This was the first real Muscle Truck with Dodge taking advantage of a loophole for trucks in the smog regulations of the time. The result was this pickup with a hot rodded version of their 360 police car engine, side stack exhaust and wood paneling. What an amazing crazy oddball piece of American automotive history.

Source: DRIVE on YouTube

1973 Bank Robber Chevelle – Big Muscle

For the finale of their first season, Big Muscle featured a pretty awesome 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle. Chances are it doesn’t look like what you picture in your mind’s eye at the mention of “Awesome Chevelle,” but that’s what makes it cool. My philosophy is that when you buy a project car/bike/machine, it needs to speak to the essence of who you are as a person. Something about the way it’s designed, assembled and performs gives it a soul that’s compatible with yours. As with all things in life, your projects will only make you unhappy if their motivation is the impressing of other people. That’s one of the cool perks of being a gearhead. It’s your own creative expression in the form of a mechanical device. The car featured in this video is a great example of the owner picking a car that wasn’t popular and turning it into what he wanted it to be. In this case it was built to be the perfect bank robbery get away car and a tribute to his great grandfather. I especially like the fact that he upgraded the tires ans suspension first and then did mild upgrades to complement the overall balance of the car. Not your typical muscle car and it’s way better for it.

Source: DRIVE on YouTube

The Lingenfelter Collection – Big Muscle

Big Muscle brings us an inside look at Ken Lingenfelter and his wonderful collection of cars. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering made it’s name in building high performance versions of the Chevrolet Corvettes and Camaros. Their success lies in their ability to create cars capable of delivering super car performance with daily car reliability. Ken Ligenfelter built this collection of cars to share with other car guys and to raise money for charity. The collection includes the Duntov Corvette, GM’s first V8 Corvette test mule that was reunited with it’s original engine after they were separated for 47 years. They also let the host of the show test drive the 610 hp 1993 Ligenfelter ZR-1 widebody.

Source: DRIVE on YouTube

1970 Cuda 440 Six Pack – Big Muscle

If I was to pick up a muscle car project, it would definitely be a Mopar. My friend tells me that makes sense because I’m kind of weird. If liking this video means that I’m a little weird, then I’m definitely OK with that. Big Muscle on Drive found this amazing 1970 triple black, numbers matching 1970 Barracuda 440 six pack. The owner first rode in it over 40 years ago when his cousin owned it. He bought it from his cousin for 1000 dollars and has kept it ever since. He did a nut and bolt restoration and upgraded the original engine to output over 700 horsepower.

Source: DRIVE on YouTube