The Quail 2012 – evo Diaries

The Quail show at Pebble Beach is probably one of the most exclusive car shows in the world. Tickets are $500 and the show takes place during Pebble Weekend before the RM Auctions. Harry Metcalfe of evo Magazine brought a camera along with him for this year’s show so we could see what it was all about. Highlights include what will probably be the only public appearance of the McLaren X-1, the factory built one-off custom based on the MP4-12C. Dodge brought out the new Viper and Lamborghini showed up with their new SUV concept and the Sesto Elemento (Italian for “6th Element” which is Carbon). A train of Shelby Cobras got a police escort from Laguna Seca where they were participating in the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of describing all the cars that were there.

Source: evo TV on YouTube

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – evo

Between his role as “European Correspondent” for Car and Driver and this review for evo, Jethro Bovingdon is quickly becoming one of my favorite car reviewers. He takes Ferrari’s newest front engine V12 monster for a spin around Fiorana test track and then on Italy’s mountain roads. Jethro also brings along a 599 GTO as a benchmark comparison for the new car.

Source: evo TV on YouTube

Pagani Huayra Details – Evo TV

Evo’s editorial director, Henry Metcalfe, seems to have a really good relationship with Horacia Pagani. It works out for us, because he brings us all the little details that make Pagani’s cars special. Metcalfe showed us what it was like to own a Zonda C12 and now he’s gotten an exclusive look at the production of the Huayra. The level of detail in each and every one of these cars is borderline crazy.

Source: evo TV on YouTube

What’s It Like to Own a Pagani Zonda?

These videos will be a good test of whether you’re a real automotive enthusiast or not. If you don’t like cars, you’ll find them very boring. The founder and editorial director of Evo magazine, Harry Metcalfe, talks about what it’s like to own a Pagani Zonda. This isn’t your typical car review where they talk about the engine size and power output and then go drift the car around some corners. This review is more about the ownership experience. Metcalfe seems to know Horacia Pagani personally which is probably how he was able to purchase a Zonda press car for his own use. He’s owned it for a while now and he shares all the little details about it that you can only find by living with a car.


Source: evo TV on YouTube

Pagani Huayra on the Road

Pagani of Italy is following up their hugely successful Zonda with a new model called the Huayra. The Huayra is named after a Spanish trade wind which is something you will find highly appropriate after watching the video. The car is powered by a 6.0 liter twin turbo AMG V8 that makes 720hp. It also has a very sophisticated active aerodynamics system that responds to cornering and braking. Evo magazine goes along for a ride with Horacio Pagani in one of the Huayras they are using for legalization testing for the US. Pagani explains that while the Zonda was inspired by a race car, the Huayra’s inspiration is an airplane taking off. Between the whooshing of the turbos and the flaps controlling the airflow over the car, I would say they did a good job living up to that inspiration and the name they chose.

Source: Evo TV on YouTube