The Caretaker

“No one really owns a vintage car. You’re a caretaker for a certain period of time and that’s the wonderful thing about them; It’s a piece of work that people value. You get a chance to restore it. You get a chance to drive it. You get a chance to take care of it for a certain period of time and you become a piece of the history of that collector car or that vintage race car.” Those are the very wise words of Andy Greene, one of the leading vintage Ferrari mechanics here in the US. Petrolicious brings us the story of how Greene got started in the industry and what it is he loves about working on vintage cars.

The Caretaker
from Petrolicious on Vimeo.

Will it Drift? Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF is an interesting car for a few reasons. It’s the first four door or four wheel drive car to come out of Maranello. The Shooting Brake wagon body style is fairly hideous, but everybody says the car drives amazingly. This is due to the unique all wheel drive system that Ferrari invented for the FF. The rear wheels are driven through a standard Ferrari 7 speed transaxle, but the front of the car is driven by a separate two speed transmission connected to the front of the 6.3 liter V12 through a torque vectoring differntial. The layout that Ferrari conceived eliminated the need for an external transfer case and an extra drive shaft for the front axle. The gearing also ensures that a larger majority of the engine’s power is going to the rear wheels for sporty driving dynamics. Check out this animation from Ferrari showing how it works:

Sure this all makes for some interesting engineering talk, but what does it mean in the real world? How about the immature but all important question of, “Will it drift?” Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe finds out for us.

Sources: GT Spirit and Autocar on YouTube

Renntruck vs. Ferrari – D Motor

This is a bit from the German version of Top Gear, D Motor. They pit a big rig up against a Ferrari 360 Modena around their test track. From what I’ve been able to gather, the truck is from the Renntruck European truck racing series. I don’t understand German, so I don’t know why they’re loading the Ferrari up with potting soil or why they chose that specific amount of potting soil. Beyond that, the rest of the video can be enjoyed as long as you like some good racing and Rammstein. On the off chance that Sabine and the truck driver are spewing profanities at each other and it offends somebody you know who understands German and was about to proclaim their undying love to you, I apologize.

If you thought this was awesome, you should also check out Mike Ryan rallying in his big rig.

Source: YouTube user DMAX

Ferrari Parade Record

Silverstone Circuit in the UK has now hosted two Ferrari related world records. The largest parade of Ferrari F40’s took place over the summer. The latest record is for the largest Ferrari Parade without any specific model restrictions. They got 964 cars on track smashing the previous record of 490. The parade was led by Ferrari’s Formula 1 driver, Felipe Massa, in a new 458 Spider.

Source: YouTube user Schmee150