2013 Tesla Model S – Car and Driver

The Tesla Model S represents a pretty big milestone in the rise of the modern electric car simply because it’s a well thought out and executed car. It’s not a novelty based on outlandish looks or isolated performance statistics. Here is a practical electric powered car that you can purchase and use on a daily basis because it has enough storage space, performance and range to do so. If you are shopping for a car in this price range, then the Model S represents an electric option with very few compromises when compared side by side with its combustion engine competitors. Car and Driver’s contributing editor Csaba Csere brings us an in-depth review of the details of the entire car. The Model S certainly still has it’s own quirks, but I think it’s going to redefine a lot of people’s perception of EV capabilities.

Interesting fact: the touchscreen in the Model S is essentially a Mac Book Pro screen with no power consumption restraints.

Source: Car and Driver