Casey Stoner on Sliding MotoGP Bikes

Two-time MotoGP World Champion, Casey Stoner, has a unique riding style in that he is able to do full lean high speed slides. Let me start off by saying that there is a big difference between competition drifting and sliding a little bit to help get around a corner and go fast. Stoner is one of the few riders who still uses sliding as a technique to improve times in the age of electronic traction control and it probably comes from his days racing dirt track. He says it’s difficult to explain because each corner has a different way to initiate a slide. It’s a technique that has to be consciously initiated and holds a lot of risks. Head over to Asphalt and Rubber to read Stoner’s entire explanation of the technique and its benefits. Red Bull also posted this video of him talking about racing while you get to watch him slide his Moto GP bike at full lean at 1000 frames per second.

Source: Red Bull on YouTube