How to Build a Supercar – McLaren MP4-12C

This is an episode of a show on BBC called “How to Build a _____.” It’s similar to shows like “How It’s Made” or “Ultimate Factories,” but seems to have a significantly larger production value. This episode of the show focuses on the current pride of the British Automotive Industry: the McLaren MP4-12C. You’ll get an inside look at the current McLaren factory as well as the new production facility that was opened to quadruple production on the MP4-12C. The new facility was opened to meet the demand for the new car whose waiting list is already up to two and a half years. We also get a view of the cars being assembled including the bonding of the aluminum crash structures to the carbon tub, installing the engine and painting the body panels. The show gets access to a couple of top secret development areas where clay models of potential car designs are made and the echoless room where the exhaust note was designed. McLaren is known for their fanatical attention to detail and you can see that in every square inch of their sterile production facilities and all of their processes. I’m usually a little¬†leery¬†of hour long videos, but I really enjoyed this one.

Source: Inside McLaren on YouTube

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