2012 World Time Attack Challenge – 7Tune *UPDATED*

7Tune put together some amazing coverage of all of the action from this year’s World Time Attack Challenge from Eastern Creek in Australia. Last year’s defending champion is the Cyber Evo. The Cyber Engineering team wanted to retire the car, but decided to bring it out for one more go at WTAC. They were plagued with a ton of technical problems and ultimately retired when the engine’s rear main seal failed and started an engine fire (there’s a shot of it in the video). This year’s winner was a new team from Australia with their Evo named Nemo.

Source: 7Tune on YouTube

**UPDATE**  I found some development footage of the Cyber Evo as they were trying to get ready for the WTAC after the decision was made to delay the retirement of the car. The first video is about the development of the brand new aero package from C-West. They added a massive front wing which currently seems to be a pretty popular trend on time attack cars. Just as an FYI, the president of C-West started the company after his motorcycle racing career was cut short by an injury. They make some of the best functional body kits in Japan.


The second video shows the aero package complete as the Cyber Engineering team does a quick shakedown at Fuji Speedway. I think the interview at the end implies that they shipped to car to Australia after this test which means they didn’t get a lot of track time with the car’s new configuration.


Sources: inline4Movie and Cyber Engineering on YouTube

**UPDATE 2** Here’s a slideshow video documenting the two year development of the Nemo Racing EVO that won the WTAC this year. The car is a beast. It might make a showing at Pikes Peak next year which means there’s another player in the Rhys Millen vs. Monster Tajima overall record rivalry.

Source: YouTube user mr2cj

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