HachiRock 2012 – JyuRoku

The HachiRock Festival is a celebration of the AE86 “Hachi-Roku” (Corolla GT-S sport RWD here in the US) that takes place every September in Japan. The AE86 is the spiritual successor of the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT-86 (it’s where the 86 part of the name comes from). Originally built in the mid 80’s, the AE86 is a lightweight, low power, bare bones driving essentials car. It is difficult to drive fast; but if you can be fast in an AE86, you can be fast in anything. The car’s honest traits have garnered it a cult following around the world, especially in Japan. The HachiRock Festival is one of the annual events where owners and enthusiasts can get together to look at each other’s cars, swap parts and keep up with the latest trends in tuning. The JyuRoku blog put together this video coverage of the event:

HachiRock 2012 | ハチロックフェスタ 2012 Jyuroku.com
from JyuRoku on Vimeo.
Source: JyuRoku