HKS GT800R Turbo Kit for the R35 GT-R

What you’re looking at is the HKS GT800R 800 hp turbo kit for the Nissan GT-R. HKS has 575 and 600 horsepower kits for the GT-R that maximize the stock turbines. This 800 horsepower kit upgrades the turbos, engine internals and fuel system. If you look closely you can see that the turbos on either side of the engine block are mirror images of each other. HKS had to design a new turbo with a reverse flow direction just for the GT-R because the engine bay was so tight. There wasn’t space for a larger turbo whose output pointed straight into the engine block on the right cylinder bank. Seems like something simple, but nobody had ever done it before. The result is the perfectly neat and symmetrical twin turbo V6 package you see above.

Check out these video interviews with the lead engineer, project engineer and engine engineer from HKS Japan. HKS Europe had the video translated, so be sure to hit the “CC” button on the bottom right next to the video quality control to turn on the English subtitles. The guys set out to increase the output of the GT-R to compete with European supercars of the likes of Porsche and Ferrari. If you’re actually in the market for an HKS turbo kit for your R35 GT-R, head over to the HKS Website for details on all of their offerings.

Source: HKS Motorsport on YouTube

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