Bodie Stroud’s 1969 Boss Mustang

This is the story of one of the cars featured at SEMA this year. It’s a 1969 Ford Mustang built by Bodie Stroud. The car is probably the most extreme definition of a resto-mod. Stroud cut out the Mustang’s unibody frame for a separate air-spring chassis. Under the hood is an ultra-rare aluminum 494 cubic inch V8 that Ford originally built for Mario Andretti’s Can-Am car in 1969. Only 10 of these engines were ever built and they never saw competition because they made too much power for the Can-Am cars at 777 horsepower. The rest of the body was modified to look somewhat like the funny car drag racers of the same era.

The Real Thing
from Union HZ on Vimeo.
Source: Jalopnik