Under Suzuki’s Tsukuba Obsession

Under Suzuki made news in the time attack world this past weekend by setting a 53.6 second lap time around Tsukuba Circuit, a personal record. Suzuki is the only privateer (he’s a pharmacist during the day) allowed to compete in the Battle Evome series which is otherwise dominated by full fledged tuning companies. His 800 horsepower Scorch S15 was built by himself with the help and input of his friends over the last 10 years. Suzuki’s 53.6 puts him a tenth of a second off of the all time tuning car record held by Nobuteru Tanaguchi in the Mitsubishi Evo based HKS CT2032R. He is gunning to beat HKS’s record and to be the fastest car at the World Time Attack Challenge. This is an interview he did with Maiham Media earlier this year where he talks about his love for time attack.

Source: Maiham Media via Speedhunters

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