Blown ’64 Cadillac Deville Drop-Top – Big Muscle

This is one of the more interesting episodes of Big Muscle simply because they chose to expand their definition of “muscle car” with this 1964 Cadillac Deville. The car comes from an era where Cadillac was sparing no expense to make the most prestigious and luxurious cars. The fact that all of the intricate stainless steel brightwork is present in this Deville’s stock interior makes it all that much cooler. The owner, Ron Dean, decided to take this luxury cruiser and paint flames on the side and drop a 600 horsepower blown Chevy big-block V8 under the hood. It’s one of those cars where if you have to ask about what the purpose of it is, you’ve missed the point. It’s awesome simply because it exists. It’s a combination of a lot of great things that can be enjoyed together but normally aren’t.

Source: DRIVE on YouTube