Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 3

The guys at Monster Energy and ICON have put together an exciting third installment to their motorcycle vs. car drift battle series. The first video explored the concept of tandem drifting an LS1 powered FD RX-7 against an extended swingarm Kawasaki ZX-10. The sequel became more theatrical by introducing the concept that the motorcycles were being chased by a police officer in a Ford Mustang. Now the story continues with the guys getting out of jail after inspiring a “driftpocalypse” where everybody drifts high powered cars everywhere. The two riders turbocharge the Triumph Daytonas they started using during the second video to 204 horsepower to keep up with all the new drift mayhem. The Law Enforcement characters also get some upgrades in the form of a 850  hp X2R desert racing buggy and remote controlled camera helicopters and quadcopters.

Source: Monster Energy on YouTube