Huxley Motorsports Volvo 245 Estate Drift Car

Huxley VolvoThe Huxley Motorsports Volvo has got to be one of my favorite competition drift cars. It’s powered by a BMW V8, has S14 front suspension and an Escort MK1 5-link solid rear axle setup. It turns out the car was never supposed to be but came together from a whirlwind of circumstances and hard work. This little documentary tells the story of the car, it’s builder and all of the people who helped make it happen. It’s an encouraging story of community built from people helping people.

Hux’s Volvo 245
from CarPromos on Vimeo.
Head over the Huxley Motorsports Facebook page to see an album of the Volvo as it was coming together.

Bring Back the Touge

Touge is the Japanese term for winding mountain road. Thankfully the love of cars and driving transcends languages and cultures. presents this video of a 1st generation Toyota Cressida drifting on a touge in Norway. There’s a professional stunt driver behind the wheel, a hot model riding shotgun and two professional filming rigs chasing the car. Enjoy:

Source: Daniel Hovdahl on YouTube via

Monochrome Drifting

Check out this amazing drifting video put together by Landin Williams Photography. It’s done in black and white and really captures the artistic beauty of drifting.


This guy got his start making Forza drift videos. They were so good that Turn 10 hired him to do the Fujimi Kaido reveal video for Forza 3:

Source: ProjectBLKJ on YouTube via Jalopnik