BMW M5: Unassuming Power

This is the story of Randy Balingit-Hartmann and his 1989 BMW M5. Randy bought the car brand new in his early 20’s because it was a great match to his introverted personality. He’s managed to keep the car throughout the years despite of the ups and downs of his job situation. Randy says something powerful that I think we can all relate to: “When you have something that makes you feel good no matter how many bad things are happening in your life, why wouldn’t you keep it?”

Source: Petrolicious on YouTube

Chris Harris Celebrates the Morgan Three Wheeler and Caterham Seven

Chris Harris brings together the Morgan Three Wheeler and Caterham Seven Supersport but not to do a head to head comparison. This video is more of a celebration of what makes the British lightweight sports car such a special experience. He says, “These cars remind us what driving, and in a sense motoring, is all about. It’s about the sensations of controlling a machine not the speed with which you cover ground, although both of these are very, very quick. But it’s also about the adventure. Wrap up warm and cover 150 early morning miles in either and you’ll be reminded why you loved cars as a kid, why your first time behind the wheel was one of your defining moments in life. These then are the essence of driving.”

Source: DRIVE on YouTube

50 Years of the Lamborghini V12

Lamborghini recently celebrated its 50 year anniversary with a huge gathering at their factory and tour around Italy. Harry Metcalfe of evoTV took the opportunity to make this extremely thorough tour of the lineage of Lamborghini’s V12. He shows every model and iteration from the Miura to today’s Aventador. This 24 minute video will make you an instant expert.

Source: evoTV on YouTube