Will it Drift? Mercedes Benz Hearse

Unlike people who aren’t into cars, I’m sure that if you regularly visit this blog you can appreciate the fact that I think it would be hilarious for me to show up to my own funeral sideways squared in a drifting hearse. On this classic episode of Will it Drift?, Steve Sutcliffe tries to slide the nicest hearse I have ever seen. It’s a stretched Mercedes E-Class with a Popemobile-esque bubble in the back to display a casket and a 3.0 liter TDi engine in the front that makes 200 horsepower. I wonder if they ever made one based on the E63 AMG because that would be even cooler and driftier.

Source: Autocar on YouTube

Battle of the Parts Cars – Hot Rod Magazine

If you have 24 minutes to spare and like cars at all, I promise this video will be hugely entertaining. Hot Rod Magazine bought a couple of cheap parts cars for their future projects and decided to have some fun with them. This is pretty much the ultimate in disposable beater car competitions. You know you would love to do this to whatever piece of crap you had for your first car.

Source: Motor Trend on YouTube

Gymkhana Five

Ken Block is at it again with Gymkhana Five. This time he turns the city of San Francisco into a playground. This is the best Gymkhana video yet. I think Ken has finally mastered the Ford Fiesta as shown by the more technical nature of some of the stunts this time around. Sliding cars is universally exciting to watch and nobody proves that better than Ken Block.

Source: DC Shoes on YouTube