The Global Rallycross Championship is Awesome

I’ve posted highlights from the Global Rallycross Championship (GRC), but I came across ESPN’s full coverage of the events yesterday. I think they may have come up with a pretty successful formula. This is the first year of the GRC and they are schedule for 5 events. 4 of them coincide with NASCAR races and the 3rd round will be held at X-Games in Las Vegas. It’s exciting because it combines the best parts of rally racing in a wheel to wheel format in a small closed course which include a tactical shortcut that can be taken once during each heat after the first lap. The second round at Texas Motor Speedway also had a pretty massive gap jump. I highly recommend watching these entire videos if you’ve got the time. I promise they’re more exciting than most of the stuff you’ve got recorded on your DVR.

GRC Round 1: Charlotte Motor Speedway

GRC Round 2: Texas Motor Speedway

Sources: YouTube user WRCforeva and Global Rallycross Championship

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