Global Rallycross Championship 2012 Round 5 – Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Round 5 of this year’s Global Rallycross Championship had the guys competing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The course looked pretty fun with the traditional jumps and features as well as a banked dirt turn and really tight chicane to set it apart from the other rounds. The last round of the season will take place at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Hit the “GRC” tag to see the first four rounds. The coverage of round 5 is broken up into three parts:

Part 1:


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2012 Global Rallycross Championship Round 4 – New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Round 4 of the 2012 Global Rallycross Championship had the most creative track so far in the season. There was a couple speed bump jumps, chicanes, a gap jump, a tabletop jump and even a slanted hairpin. They also incorporated a sandpit as well as the usual car wash for traction changes. Things got interesting in the later heats as more and more of the sand was dragged over the rest of the course including onto the hairpin. GRC continues to deliver exciting racing.

Source: YouTube user WRCforeva

Sebastien Loeb X-Games Highlights

Red Bull put together this compilation of highlights of Sebastien Loeb in this year’s X-Games Rallycross. It gives a glimpse of what the culture is like in the Global Rallycross Championship. Unfortunately, Marcus Gronholm was injured in a pre-race practice crash so we didn’t get to see a showdown between WRC champions. With his win, Loeb showed that he was probably the only one who could challenge Gronholm’s dominance in the series. Now that the car is built, maybe Sebastien Loeb can do a few more races in the GRC and X-Games next year. Go here if you want to watch ESPN’s full coverage of the event.

Source: Red Bull on YouTube

2012 X-Games Rallycross

The same YouTube user who uploaded the first two rounds of the Global Rallycross Championship also recorded the entire coverage of the Rallycross competition at X-Games. It’s all the GRC guys with the addition of Sebastien Loeb. It’s all pretty crazy, possibly even too crazy. A couple of guys, including Marcus Gronholm, were hospitalized after mishaps on the gap jump during practice. Either way, enjoy the coverage:

Source: YouTube user WRCforeva

Sebastien Loeb Testing for the X-Games

The Global Rally Cross is a new American rally cross series that is running 5 events this year that coincide with NASCAR races and X-Games in LA. The competitors run 4 at a time around a technical course with jumps, hairpins and wet sections. Check out full coverage of the first two races here. They are definitely on to a good formula for an exciting sport. A few weeks ago, Travis Pastrana invited 8 time world rally champion, Sebastien Loeb, to come join them. Loeb accepted. I think it has to do with the fact that Loeb’s former WRC rival, Marcus Gronholm, is currently dominating the series. Citroen released this video of Loeb testing the new DS3 that they’re building him for the GRC. He says it has more power and different tires from his WRC car so it requires a different driving style.

Source: Citroen Racing on YouTube