Yokohama HER-02

The Team Yokohama EV Challenge HER-02 is the current record holder for electric racing cars at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The car began competing in 2009 and has continued improving its time culminating in a 12’20” last year. For reference, Monster Tajima’s overall record (in a gasoline powered car) is a little over 10 minutes. In addition to testing EV technology in the form of high voltage AC motors and lithium-ion batteries, the HER-02 also helped develop Yokohama’s BluEarth tires. The BluEarths use natural fibers in the casing and orange oil instead of petroleum based products. These materials lent to easier recycling as well as improved grip when compared to a traditional tire. The Yokohama BluEarth has just hit production and was selected as the OEM tire for the Toyota Prius V. Tire Rack classifies them as a Grand Touring All-Season tire and currently only carries them in the Prius V’s OEM size.

The HER-02’s record is going to come under heavy attack this year. The EV class will be filled with new heavy hitters including Monster Tajima’s E-Runner, Toyota’s Nurburgring record holder EV P002 and Mitsubishi’s i-Miev Evolution. It should be a very exciting year for EV racing, but for now check out the videos of HER-02 in action at last year’s Pikes Peak and around Laguna Seca at REFUEL 2012.


Source: BuchiElectric on YouTube