Toyota Preps EV P002 Nordschleife EV Record Holder For Pikes Peak

Toyota Motorsports GmbH (GmbH is the German equivalent to a LLC Limited Liability Company here in the US) has announced that it will take its P002 electric race car to this year’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Here’s some footage of them doing some testing at the Paul Ricard Circuit:

The car currently holds the EV lap record around the Nurburgring Nordschleife which it set last year. This is the on-board footage of the entire run. As with all the other electric race car videos that I post, you will be weirded out by the lack of engine noise in contrast with how fast the car is pushing it.

Now that Pikes Peak is completely paved, Toyota probably won’t have to change much with the car. There should be enough suspension travel and on board energy storage requirements to be fast around the Nordschleife should be enough to safely complete Pikes Peak. I think Toyota’s biggest worry might actually be competition in the form of the current Pikes Peak overall record holder, Monster Tajima. Tajima announced earlier this year that he would be competing in an EV for 2012. It’s also quite possible that he’s not only going for the EV record, but to beat his overall record in the new car given the amount of EV R&D resources that his company, Tajima Natural Energy, possesses. Here’s a sneak peak of his car for this year:

Sources: Autoblog and TechVehi

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