Tajima Natural Energy

About a month ago, current Pikes Peak overall record holder, Monster Tajima, announced he would be competing in this years race in an electric car. I knew Tajima would have to redesign his car (his rally car is one of the header photos for the main page) for this year since Pikes Peak would be 100% paved for the first time, but going full electric caught me off guard. This is the rendering of his new car:

Monster Tajima's Electric Pikes Peak Car

After looking into it a little, I found out that Monster Tajima owns an electric car company in Japan called Tajima Natural Energy. I found a couple of their current products. The first is a Formula EV race car:


They also produce this Mini-Sport single seater:

Tajima Natural Energy's Mini-Sport EV

In addition to cars, the company’s website has sections for electric scooters, wind turbines, solar panels and battery packs. I wish Monster luck in breaking his own record in the new electric car.

Source: Tajima Natural Energy