The Koenigsegg Factory

The Koenigsegg factory in Angelholm Sweden is the birthplace of some of the most extreme hypercars in the world. The DRIVE channel had a chance to tour the facility earlier this year after they switched to production of their new Agera R. Koenigsegg took over the military aircraft hangar in 2003 after their original factory was lost to a fire. The group that previously occupied the hangar was Sweden’s oldest squadron. Koenigsegg inherited the squadron’s symbol, the ghost, which is painted onto every car they produce.

The tour gives us a look at what it takes the make one of the most extreme cars on the face of the planet. The carbon monocoque in the Agera has an aluminum honeycomb core that makes it stronger and safer in crashes. It’s also the stiffest production monocoque found on any car despite having no structural roof. Fuel is flown in from all around the world so that each customer’s engine can be optimized on the dynometer for their intended region of operation. Each car is then test driven on Koenigsegg’s own runway. The video is 30 minutes long, but every bit of it is absolutely fascinating.

Source: DRIVE on YouTube