Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II

I really enjoy these episodes of evo Diaries by Harry Metcalfe. He basically goes over all the fine little details of the cars he gets to drive. They’re the kind of thing that only other gearheads can appreciate. This time around, Metcalfe has purchased one of my favorite cars of all time, the Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II. He actually purchased the car from an owner in Japan after a long search. This is the car that Lancia won the World Rally Championship with 6 times in a row after winning the last year of Group B with the rear wheel drive 037 (Lancia is the first and only manufacturer to beat 4 wheel drive cars in a 2 wheel drive). The crazy thing is the Delta is actually a hatchback from the 70’s that Lancia hot-rodded to the point of being a world-beater.

Source: evoTV on YouTube