Lancia Stratos: Uncompromising Legend

I love watching videos from the Petrolicious channel because they interview people who are very eloquent about why they love their very special cars. This video about a Lancia Stratos in New York state is no exception. When you see a Stratos, it vividly stands out because of it’s uncompromising design. Functionality is the only design language which is serenaded by the V6 from a Ferrari Dino. Phil says the car sounds like a symphony of vaguely disastrous noises when you drive it. It’s a terrible idea to have a car like this as a daily driver, but you should never turn down the opportunity to drive one. There’s something very thrilling about being in tune with all of the mechanical processes taking place around you.

Source: Petrolicious on YouTube

Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II

I really enjoy these episodes of evo Diaries by Harry Metcalfe. He basically goes over all the fine little details of the cars he gets to drive. They’re the kind of thing that only other gearheads can appreciate. This time around, Metcalfe has purchased one of my favorite cars of all time, the Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II. He actually purchased the car from an owner in Japan after a long search. This is the car that Lancia won the World Rally Championship with 6 times in a row after winning the last year of Group B with the rear wheel drive 037 (Lancia is the first and only manufacturer to beat 4 wheel drive cars in a 2 wheel drive). The crazy thing is the Delta is actually a hatchback from the 70’s that Lancia hot-rodded to the point of being a world-beater.

Source: evoTV on YouTube

Lancia Rally Legends

You know there’s something special going on when a guy who reviews supercars for a living is awestruck about riding in several of his dream cars and meeting his heroes all in one place. That’s exactly what happened when Chris Harris was invited to Pirelli’s launch of their new historic rally tire. Oddly enough, he wasn’t allowed to drive any cars equipped with the new tire, but Pirelli had four time WRC champion Juha Kankkanen, rally legend Markku Alen and 6 time Italian rally champion¬†Paolo Andreucci there driving all of Lancia’s Group B rally monsters along with a few modern rally cars. Chris gets to go for a ride in a Lancia Stratos, the twincharged Lancia Delta Integrale S4 and the only two wheel drive car to be the Audi Quattro, the Lancia 037. It’s an amazing collection of some of the greatest rally cars ever built and we’re lucky enough to see them in action and have Chris Harris describe their natures to us.

Source: DRIVE on YouTube