Brammo Empulse R – Translogic

Bradley Hasemeyer of Translogic is the latest member of the press to take a spin on the Brammo Empulse R electric motorcycle. So far the Empulse R seems to be the leading contender for an electric motorcycle that is a direct replacement for a gasoline powered motorcycle experience. A lot of that has to do with Brammo’s exclusively licensed 6-speed transmission that is built strong enough to hold the constant torque of the brushless DC electric motor. The transmission improves the Empulse R’s acceleration and range but most importantly it is a more satisfying riding experience for veteran motorcycle riders and that’s what’s winning people over. I like the story Translogic put together because they toured the factory and got the scoop on how Brammo got started and their highly successful TTXGP racing program. It turns out the guy who started Brammo is also responsible for bringing the Ariel Atom to the US.

Source: AOL Autos on YouTube