Icon 4×4 Builds Incredible Resto-Mods

It makes me happy to know that a company like Icon can exist and be profitable. The core of their business is to take vintage 4×4’s like the FJ40 Landcruiser, Jeeps and Ford Broncos and turn them into usable drivers with modern running gear. They will scavenge vintage bodies and put them on a modern chassis with new suspension and a new crate engine. Icon have also started to use new aluminum reproduction bodies from Aqualu Industries. Autoblog just posted this mini-documentary on Icon’s latest Bronco project. The restored body sits on an Art Morrison frame with Dana axles and Ford’s new Coyote crate engine (the 5.0 V8 from the Mustang).

Source: Autoblog, Icon 4×4

Icon has also done a couple of awesome cars as part of their Derelict line. The same premise applies to these cars except for the bodies are purposefully left unrestored to show off the time earned patina. They then go back and get really creative with the interior textures and fabrics to make some truly remarkable works of art. At the time of this video, they had only done two cars like this: a Chrysler wagon with a DeSoto front end and a 55 Chevy. I like how the guy describes how the Derelicts engage people at the end. There’s a couple of bad words in this video.

Source: eGarage, Icon 4×4

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