Scion Racing/Greddy Formula D FR-S

Scion Racing uploaded this behind the scenes build of Ken Gushi’s FR-S drift car for this year’s Formula D Drifting Championship. Aftermarket parts manufacturer Greddy handled the construction of the car. The video had a few interesting details that I was still curious about. They advertise the engine as a flat-4 that produces 500hp. I didn’t think it would be possible for them to have already developed the stock 2.0 liter with a brand new direct injection system to that level. There’s a scene in the video where they clearly show a Cosworth engine going into the car. That means it’s more than likely a Subaru EJ25 based engine much like Hibino’s D1 car in Japan. I’m excited to see how well Ken Gushi and Scion Racing does this year after having to campaign a special exception rear wheel drive converted tC for the last four years.


Source: Scion Racing on YouTube

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