Ryan Tuerck’s 2013 Formula D Scion FR-S

Ryan Tuerck's 2013 Retaks Scion FR-S via Stanceworks.com

Ryan Tuerck’s 2013 Retaks Scion FR-S via Stanceworks.com

Maxxis Tires put together a couple of videos highlighting Ryan Tuerck’s new Scion FR-S that he will be campaigning for the 2013 Formula D season. The car is powered by a Brian Crower stroked 3.4 liter Toyota 2JZ inline-6 fueled by E85 ethanol to 780 horsepower. In this first video, Ryan talks us through the car:

The team is still getting the car dialed in, but they performed well at Round 2 at Road Atlanta despite of having to replace the Quick-Change rear end:

Source: Maxxis Tires USA on YouTube

Manabu Orido Switches to an LS7 for D1GP 2013

Manabu Orido campaigned a Toyota GT-86 powered by the V8 out of a Lexus IS-F for the 2012 season of the D1 Drifting Grand Prix. He had some reliability issues and was underpowered compared to some of the turbo inline-6 monsters that the other drivers were using. He made the choice to use an LS7 with NOS to make more power in a smaller and lighter package. The car now makes 700 horsepower with a lot more low end torque.

Source: ExtremeDrivingTV on YouTube

Off Season Two – Tuerck’d

Network A’s series about Ryan Tuerck continues with this rather artistically done drift video. Ryan drifts his 1JZ powered S13 up a scenic mountain road which we get to see from a variety of camera angles. He hinted in one of his Q&A videos that he might be swapping the LSx for a turbo inline-6 for Formula D next year. Either that or I was reading too far into it.

Source: Network A on YouTube

Close Quarters Drifting at Tokyo Auto Salon 2013

Manabu Orido picks highlights from the on-board cameras fitted to the cars that participated in the D1 Drifting Grand Prix’s demonstration at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. The focus of the footage is to show off how close the guys are able to get to each other while tandem drifting. These guys are some of the best in the world.

Source: Extreme Driving TV on YouTube