Holden Special Vehicles Gen-F GTS

HSV-Gen-F-Clubsport-R8-SV-front-three-quarterHSV-Gen-F-Clubsport-R8-Tourer-profileCheck out this product overview video from the Holden Special Vehicles Team for their new halo model, the Commodore based Gen-F GTS. This is their latest V8 rear wheel drive sedan that is powered by the same supercharged LSA V8 that’s under the hood of the Cadillac CTS-V and Camaro ZL1. The GTS also benefits from an amazing HSV-Gen-F-Maloo-R8-SV-profiletechnology package with many firsts for Australian production vehicles. Head over to Motor Trend to see the rest of the gallery of the GTS and the new Commodore line including the Maloo and Tourer wagon.

Source: Holden Special Vehicles on YouTube

727 Cubic Inches and Australian Tire Smoke

This episode of Hot Rod Magazine’s Road Kill embodies the reason I have an “Australian Car Culture” category here on the blog. The guys travel to Australia to check out the Powercruise events organized by a man named Gup. They’re basically a celebration of Australia’s love of the burnout. The Powercruise gives folks an excuse to annihilate tires and drag race at tracks all over the country. Gup also lets Finnegan and Freiburger play around in his 1974 “Elvis” Holden HQ and his 1,275 horsepower 2006 Holden HSV VE Clubsport R8 (the car we got as a Pontiac G8) with a 727 cubic inch Hemi built by Sonny Leonard. There’s also a 1500 cubic inch semi truck that smokes all four of its rear tires doing a doughnut at one point in this video. Stay tuned after the credits for 4 extra minutes of burnout competition footage.

Source: Motor Trend on YouTube

Blown V8 Holden HQ Fiery Burnout

Here’s another representative of the proud Australian burnout culture. The car’s name is Kranky and it’s a supercharged V8 Holden HQ. The first run is a pretty standard tire slaying burnout. The second run is where things get crazy. I’m guessing they have some sort of fuel spray in the exhaust because there is a giant firestorm as soon as the burnout starts. The entire backdrop starts burning while the guys continue on their run.

Source: YouTube user FPV097GHIA

The Holden Efijy Concept

Top Gear Australia did this bit about the Holden Efijy concept car from 2005. Holden of Australia built it to mark the 50th anniversary of their FJ and it looks absolutely stunning. As the guys point out, it’s special because Holden got to showcase their design chops with no budget constraints. The result is art as defined by something universally beautiful to people regardless of their background or preconceived notions. The body is built on a Corvette chassis with the Corvette’s 6.0 liter V8 and an Australian supercharger.

Source: YouTube user TVR161