World’s Fastest Tow

Generally when I post videos, I try to find content that is interesting enough to be timeless. I view the blog as an archive of automotive culture that can be viewed in a few years and still be insightful, useful and entertaining. This video falls solely into the “entertaining” category. The guys at Diesel Power set out to set the speed record for the World’s Fastest Tow. The previous record stood at 138 mph. The interviews give me the impression that the preparation didn’t go very far beyond getting the most powerful truck they could, a 1000 horsepower diesel GMC 2500, and the smallest trailer somebody was willing to donate and just go for it. Watch the video to see how it turned out.

Source: Motor Trend on YouTube

Dodge Makes It, Cummins Shakes It

The coverage of the National Hot Rod Diesel Association¬†World Finals in Ennis, Texas continues with what looks to be some pro-class Dodge Rams. The fastest of these drag radial equipped trucks puts down a 9.116 quarter mile at 149 mph. That’s even faster than the awesome Triple Turbo Diesel Dragster put down at the same event. This YouTube user is promising more videos from this event this week including a compilation of torque induced parts grenading. I’ll post the good stuff as it becomes available.

Source: Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors on YouTube

LiquidPiston X2 Diesel Rotary – Gizmag


This is the LiquidPiston X2 diesel rotary engine. It’s a compact unit that produces about 40 hp. The amazing thing about the X2 is that it achieves a thermal efficiency in the neighborhood of 75% which is unheard of for internal combustion engines. It achieves this with a constant volume slow burn of the air/fuel mixture. Head over to Gizmag to read more of the details on the X2. They were able to interview the President and CEO of LiquidPiston.