Hot Rod Trucks

This is a video from the ScottieDTV YouTube channel. Scottie is a North Carolina based hot rod spotter that goes to shows and shops to film cars that he finds interesting. This particular show had a trio of interesting hot rod trucks.


Scottie actually updated his channel today with a video of a hot rodded 1953 Ford Wrecker:

Source: ScottieDTV on YouTube via Rod Authority

Renntruck vs. Ferrari – D Motor

This is a bit from the German version of Top Gear, D Motor. They pit a big rig up against a Ferrari 360 Modena around their test track. From what I’ve been able to gather, the truck is from the Renntruck European truck racing series. I don’t understand German, so I don’t know why they’re loading the Ferrari up with potting soil or why they chose that specific amount of potting soil. Beyond that, the rest of the video can be enjoyed as long as you like some good racing and Rammstein. On the off chance that Sabine and the truck driver are spewing profanities at each other and it offends somebody you know who understands German and was about to proclaim their undying love to you, I apologize.

If you thought this was awesome, you should also check out Mike Ryan rallying in his big rig.

Source: YouTube user DMAX

Mike Ryan’s Freightliner Race Truck

Adam Carolla’s Car Cast got a behind the scenes look at Mike Ryan’s Freightliner rally/drifting truck. Mike Ryan has been the powerhouse in big rig racing up Pikes Peak and the Mt. Washington hill climb for the past several years. He also does most of big rig stunt driving you see in movies including the chase scene in Terminator 2. Some of Carolla’s commentary is kind of stupid and he goes off with a completely irrelevant and inappropriate story at the end, but they do get some good shots of the truck. It’s got a Detroit Diesel 60 series engine with a custom Borg-Warner compound turbo setup making 1950hp and 3400+ ft-lbs of torque. It weighs almost 10,000 pounds despite of the aluminum frame rails. The rear axle is a 3-link with a Watts link and the brakes have liquid cooling.

This is the big rig Gymkhana video that Mike released a while back if you want to see the truck in action:

He also competed in the Mt. Washington hill climb rally last year in the Freightliner. It’s a similar event to Pikes Peak in that part of the course is tarmac and part of it is dirt. The footage is pretty jaw-dropping.

Source: Adam Carolla’s Car Cast and autoedit on YouTube