The Deadly 720 – Top Gear

The folks at Top Gear put together this back to back loop-the-loop, the Deadly 720, as part of their live show. There’s some interviews followed by footage of the stunt rider pulling it off. There’s plenty of camera angles including from the rider’s point of view.


They actually got the world record for doing The Deadly 720 on 4 wheels during their first live show:

Source: Top Gear on YouTube

Blown V8 Holden HQ Fiery Burnout

Here’s another representative of the proud Australian burnout culture. The car’s name is Kranky and it’s a supercharged V8 Holden HQ. The first run is a pretty standard tire slaying burnout. The second run is where things get crazy. I’m guessing they have some sort of fuel spray in the exhaust because there is a giant firestorm as soon as the burnout starts. The entire backdrop starts burning while the guys continue on their run.

Source: YouTube user FPV097GHIA

Race Drivers Scaring Their Wives

BMW Motorsport posted their entry into the best “Race Driver Scaring His Wife” video on YouTube yesterday. Brazilian DTM driver Augusto Farfus takes his wife, Liri, for a ride around the Nurburgring in an M3.

It’s a pretty strong showing against Honda’s video from 2008 with Italian rally driver Ricardo Patrese taking his wife around Jerez circuit in a Civic Type-R. This video is Not Safe For Work if you work with a bunch of people who understand Italian.

It’s tough to say which one is better, so I’m going to call it a tie for now.

Sources: BMW Motorsport on YouTube via Autoblog and YouTube user Rbksmn