Update on Russel Sutton’s Radial Engine

Russel Sutton is a man from Australia who decided to build his own 9 cylinder radial engine to put on his airboat. It uses a custom machined block and rod system with Holden Commodore V6 pistons and cylinders from Honda XR600 motorcycles. Check out Part 1 on his project for all of the build details. Sutton got the engine to the point where it was ready to start up and he captured it on video for the rest of us to enjoy. Unfortunately, having the engine run exposed some of its weaknesses that will have to be addressed before it will be blowing Russel’s hair back on his airboat. Watch the videos and read the article over on The Kneeslider for all of the details.

Part 1: Finishing Touches

Part 2: The Engine Runs

Part 3: Future Plans

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