Russel Sutton’s 9 Cylinder Radial Engine

Russel Sutton's Radial Engine

The Kneeslider motorcycle blog has been featuring this radial engine project by Russel Sutton of Australia. He has always loved radial engines and he needed something for his airboat, so he decided to build one using V6 Holden Commodore pistons and cylinders from Honda XR600’s. The engine has 8 liters of displacement and will redline at 4000rpm. The cylinders of air cooled engines are removable since they don’t have coolant passages that link them with the rest of the engine. Sutton machined the crank, rods and crank case with oiling system himself. Head over to The Kneeslider, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 for more pictures and specs. Part 4 has YouTube videos of Russel explaining and testing the oiling system.

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