2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7

Now that the 2014 C7 Corvette has been officially unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, Automobile Magazine was able to post this video from their photo shoot of the car. In addition to a good look at the new Stingray themed exterior design, we also get up close with the much improved interior. Interviews with the designers and engineers of the car reveal that GM really stepped up with a clean-sheet design for the C7. They really paid attention to the shortcomings of the C6 that everybody complained about (parts bin pieces, horrible seats and interior quality) and did their best to make the C7 what everybody expects it to be. You really get a sense that the designers took serious pride in maintaining Corvette as America’s premiere sports car.

Source: Automobile Magazine on YouTube

Tesla Model S – Automobile of the Year

Automobile Magazine has just announced the Tesla Model S as their 2013 Automobile of the Year. This is big news for the electric vehicle world because the Model S has won out in direct comparison to equivalent gasoline cars. The car is praised for universally recognized strengths and not for being the best of a standard that was lowered for EV’s. Tesla has finally given the world an electric car that is designed and executed well enough for regular customers to consider purchasing it as a daily use car and not because it’s a novelty item. An EV that’s better than a gas car? It can be done.

Automobile’s full written article about the Tesla S can be found here. I also found this bonus footage of the impromptu drag race between the Model S and the BMW M5:

Source: Automobile Magazine on YouTube