Illegally Fast Lap at Bathurst

MaranelloFerrariThis is the raw on-board footage of Allan Simonsen piloting the Maranello Motorsports Ferrari 458 Italia for an illegally fast qualifying lap for the Liqui-Moly 12 Hours of Bathurst endurance race. The teams were not allowed to qualify faster than a 2:06 and this lap clocked in at 2:05.49 with traffic. Maranello was assigned 50 kg of penalty weight and the time from this lap was thrown out. Though this seems kind of harsh, the speed of the cars is limited to keep competition fair and development costs down for the good of the entire racing series. Watch the video to see a beautiful performance through one of my favorite tracks in the world:

Source: SpeedcafeTV on YouTube

Bathurst 1000 Car Comparison 1963 vs. 2012

Lee Holdsworth of Irwin Racing walks us through the in and outs of a modern $300,000 Australian V8 Supercar. To keep things interesting, he compares his car to a replica of the car that won the first ever Bathurst 1000 race. That car is a $15,000 Ford Cortina MK1. I came across this video while reading the coverage of the Bathurst Racing Museum on Speedhunters.

Source: Official V8 Supercars on YouTube

A Lap of Bathurst

Bathurst is my favorite track. You literally race up and down a mountain each lap. It’s one of the marquee tracks of the Australian V8 Supercar series. Ride along with Rick Kelly as he guides around the track and then lets the car do the talking for one lap. I really wish Gran Turismo would put Bathurst in the next game.

Source: Official V8 Supercars on YouTube