Insane Racing Best in Show Norway 2013

The boys over at Insane Racing just uploaded this video celebrating their win of the Best in Show award from the latest round of the 2013 Formula Offroad season at their home country of Norway. It seems like Best in Show involves just going for it all the time without being conservative about anything. Insane Racing likes to go for these trophies at all of the events. The resulting show is pretty incredible.

Source: Insane Racing on YouTube

Iceland 2012 – Formula Offroad

Rounds 5 and 6 of the Formula Offroad NEZ cup took place in Iceland this year. A lot of the teams from all over Scandinavia shipped their cars over to compete. Apparently Formula Offroad has been becoming less popular in Iceland recently, but a couple of the old Icelandic guys came out of retirement to play. The Insane Racing Team from Norway set out to get the “Best in Show” trophy for the weekend while their media guy did his usual excellent job bringing us coverage from the whole event.

Source: The Insane Racing Team on YouTube

The Insane Racing Team – Formula Offroad 2012

The Insane Racing Team is made up of five Norwegian guys who drive a bus around to all of the Formula Offroad events in Scandinavia. The car gets half of the bus and then the 5 guys live in the other half. In order to be competitive, Insane Racing is running an LS7 from a Corvette with a 200 shot of NOS to bump their power output to 700 hp. That engine is attached to an upgraded Powerglide transmission that is identical to the one used in the Gravedigger monster truck and can handle 2000 hp. Be sure to turn on the captions with the “CC” button on the bottom right to the left of the resolution gear. The video has footage of the car in action and introduces you to all of the team members.

Source: YouTube user armadi94