2013 Isle of Man TT Zero

The podium for the 2013 Isle of Man TT Zero electric motorcycle time trial looks a lot like the 2012 podium. MotoCzysz took the top place with their E1PC and Mugen/Honda came in second with their revised Shinden Ni (the Japanese god of lightning). The Isle of Man TT YouTube channel released some on-board footage from both bikes that should dispel a lot of notions about electric vehicles being slow and not sounding very cool.

Here’s Michael Rutter on the MotoCzysz E1PC:


This is Isle of Man TT Master John McGuiness on the Mugen Shinden Ni:

Source: Isle of Man TT on YouTube

John McGuiness: Master of Isle of Man

2012 saw British motorcycle racer, John McGuiness, take his 19th win at the Isle of Man TT. His sponsor, Monster Energy, put together this tribute video for him emphasizing just how special of an accomplishment his collection of wins is. McGuiness also placed second in the TT Zero on the Mugen Shinden electric motorcycle this year.

Source: Monster Energy via Asphalt and Rubber

2012 Isle of Man TT Zero Coverage

This year was a significant one for the Isle of Man TT Zero electric motorcycle time trial. It was the first year an electric motorcycle broke the 100 mph average lap speed otherwise known as the “ton lap.” In fact, all three riders on the podium were able to achieve ton laps. The all new MotoCzysz Ep1c took first and third and the Mugen Shinden placed second at it’s debut race.

Source: YouTube user 666 sicco via Asphalt and Rubber

Asphalt and Rubber Gets a Good Look at the Mugen Shinden

Asphalt and Rubber was able to get a good look at the Mugen Shinden at the Isle of Man TT. Mugen is the Honda factory tuning company that was founded by Soichiro Honda’s son. It’s thought the racing program for the Honda electric motorcycle was put under the Mugen brand so that it wouldn’t tarnish Honda’s reputation if it were to be a failure. A&R is reporting that most of the bike is carbon fiber and the battery pack makes up over half of its weight which is good evidence that it won’t be a failure. Head over to Asphalt and Rubber to see the rest of the pictures.