Car vs. Bike – Rally Edition

Evo has been doing a pretty interesting Car vs. Bike track battle series. The latest installment is particularly interesting because they put a KTM motocross bike up against some rally cars. Up first is a hardcore Safari rally gravel spec 240Z followed by a tarmac spec Mitsubishi Evolution. I won’t spoil the results, but it’s interesting to see how the driving styles are changed for running long travel suspension and gravel tires on tarmac. There’s also a jump on the course where the effects of vehicle weight on speed are hyper amplified.

Source: EVO on YouTube

Ronnie Renner Likes Electric Bikes

Network A has been following the adventures of professional Freestyle Motocross rider Ronnie Renner as he travels the world. It turns out Renner is a big electric motorcycle enthusiast. KTM offers him a chance to fly to their headquarters in Austria to check out their Freeride E. The Freeride E is essentially an electric version of a 250cc motocross bike making 30 hp peak and 62 foot-pounds of all rpm torque from its 300 volt AC motor. The dry technical specs aren’t impressive by gasoline engine standards, but the bike definitely moves in the hands of Ronnie:

Ronnie also is a US dealer for Stealth Electric Bikes. He bought one to ride around his neighborhood for fun and liked it so much that he started importing them. The Stealth Bomber he’s riding in this video has a 9 speed sequential transmission and a power output of 6 horsepower.

Source: Network A on YouTube