Junkyard Barracuda Rescue – Hot Rod Magazine

“Roadkill: No Logic, No Budget and No Shame.” David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan of Hot Rod Magazine decide to take their next Roadkill trip to Texas to pull a car out of a junkyard and try to get it drag strip worthy in 24 hours. After roaming CTC Auto Ranch in Denton Texas based on a Facebook recommendation, they decide to go with a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda that’s missing all of it’s glass, interior and gas tank. Can the guys put the car together and drive it to North Star Dragway in Houston Texas for the NMCA Lone Star Nationals or will they blow it up with a bottle of nitrous?

Source: Motor Trend on YouTube

Mike Musto’s 1969 Dodge Daytona and 1968 Dodge Charger

To wrap up season 2 of Big Muscle, Mike Musto shows us his two personal cars, a 1969 Dodge Daytona clone and a 1968 Dodge Charger. Musto’s back story is interesting in that he was born in New York and was a successful financial analyst whose office was a block away from the World Trade Center when 9/11 happened. The tragedy made him re-evaluate his life and a few years later he decided to quit his job to pursue what made him happy. The thing that made him happy was muscle cars. He built these two cars in a way where they were awesome but very practical so they could be driven and enjoyed without worry. Check out the video to see how they came about:

Source: DRIVE on YouTube

1970 Cuda 440 Six Pack – Big Muscle

If I was to pick up a muscle car project, it would definitely be a Mopar. My friend tells me that makes sense because I’m kind of weird. If liking this video means that I’m a little weird, then I’m definitely OK with that. Big Muscle on Drive found this amazing 1970 triple black, numbers matching 1970 Barracuda 440 six pack. The owner first rode in it over 40 years ago when his cousin owned it. He bought it from his cousin for 1000 dollars and has kept it ever since. He did a nut and bolt restoration and upgraded the original engine to output over 700 horsepower.

Source: DRIVE on YouTube

Twin Turbo Dodge Daytona Land Speed Racer

This 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona is owned by Lee Sicilio and it will be running in Bonneville this August. It’s running a twin turbo 496 cubic inch Hemi built by Ray Barton and tuned by Scott Clark. The dyno run gets cut short, but you can tell this car is going to be a beast. They’re shooting to break 300 mph and Bangshift estimates the final power numbers to be in the 2000-2500 horsepower range.

Source: Bangshift.com

Duel in the Desert: Ford SVT Raptor vs. Mopar Ram Runner

Pickuptrucks.com ran this head to head comparison of the two top factory built offroad pickup trucks, the Ford SVT Raptor vs. the Mopar Ram Rummer. It’s an important to make the distinction that the Ram Rummer is built by Mopar and not by Dodge. The guys over at Pickuptrucks.com say it’s almost like a factory vs. aftermarket comparison. The Raptor is something that you buy off of the showroom floor whereas the Ram Runner is a purpose built vehicle assembled with a Dodge Ram and lots of MOPAR add-on parts. They turn both trucks over to champion desert racer Chad Ragland to take them through a pretty gnarly timed course. Head over to Pikcuptrucks.com for all the detailed specs and results.

Source: Pickuptrucks.com