Pagani Huayra Factory Tour

YouTube supercar spotter, Shmee, got a chance to tour the assembly line for the incredible Pagani Huayra. Right now Pagani is in a transition state as they wait for their new, larger factory to be completed. Even so, they are still doing their own carbon fiber with their in-house autoclaves and hand assembling each car. They will even put together a photo journal of your car’s assembly if you buy a Huayra.

Source: Shmee150 on YouTube

Pagani Huayra and Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Details – evo TV

Harry Metcalfe of evo is back with another car guy test. Metcalfe has a special relationship with Horacia Pagani that allows him to bring us some exclusive coverage of some of Pagani’s inner workings. This video from the annual Pagani gathering is no exception. The first half covers the finer details and driving nuances of the new Huayra. Harry says the Huayra is similar to a two-wheel drive Veyron and I guess he had to make sure because he spent the next day driving around in the new Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse roadster. Again, he walks us through the finer details of the car including some of the bits that he doesn’t like. There’s no crazy drifting or video editing so you will only find this interesting if you’re a real car geek.

Source: evo TV on YouTube

Pagani Huayra Details – Evo TV

Evo’s editorial director, Henry Metcalfe, seems to have a really good relationship with Horacia Pagani. It works out for us, because he brings us all the little details that make Pagani’s cars special. Metcalfe showed us what it was like to own a Zonda C12 and now he’s gotten an exclusive look at the production of the Huayra. The level of detail in each and every one of these cars is borderline crazy.

Source: evo TV on YouTube

What’s It Like to Own a Pagani Zonda?

These videos will be a good test of whether you’re a real automotive enthusiast or not. If you don’t like cars, you’ll find them very boring. The founder and editorial director of Evo magazine, Harry Metcalfe, talks about what it’s like to own a Pagani Zonda. This isn’t your typical car review where they talk about the engine size and power output and then go drift the car around some corners. This review is more about the ownership experience. Metcalfe seems to know Horacia Pagani personally which is probably how he was able to purchase a Zonda press car for his own use. He’s owned it for a while now and he shares all the little details about it that you can only find by living with a car.


Source: evo TV on YouTube