Tim Cameron’s Ultra Bouncer

It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that I was posting about Tim Cameron’s last buggy, the Game Changer. With Game Changer, Tim modified one of his existing designs to fit a massive monster truck transfer case. I think the balance of the chassis was off because most of the videos of it in action involved flipping upside down. It seems Tim decided to start with a clean sheet design for his new buggy, the Ultra Bouncer. The engine has been upgraded from a 572 crate engine to a 1,000 horsepower 632 cubic Merlin big block Chevy and was moved from the front to the middle of the chassis. It looks like the cockpit was offset to keep the transfer case centered.

Here’s some footage of Ultra Bouncer getting a shakedown. It seems like the work to improve the balance has paid off in much better traction and agility:

Source: MadRam11 on YouTube

Tim Cameron’s Game Changer

Tim Cameron is one of the guys who hangs with the group high power tube buggy rock bouncers associated with the Southern Rock Racing Series. He recently unveiled his newest rig, the Game Changer. It’s powered by a GM Performance LSx 454 Crate Engine that makes 620 horsepower running through a built Powerglide transmission and a monster truck transfer case to custom Dana 80 axles. The way Tim and the other Rock Bouncers drive is super abusive on parts that are otherwise bulletproof in regular 4×4 applications. Here’s a walk-around of Game Changer with Tim explaining all of the breakage points he tried to eliminate:

All the talk of abuse may seem a little crazy while seeing Game Changer stationary in the middle of a field. Here’s some footage of Tim using it for its intended purpose to put things into perspective. He really has built one of the most extreme off-road vehicles in the world.

Sources: MadRam11 and Triple-X Motorsports and Outdoors on YouTube

Rock Bouncers at Dirty Turtle Offroad Park

Rock Bouncing is the name for a new genre of off-road vehicle that’s starting to emerge from the Southeastern Region of the US. They’re basically huge power and huge tire tube framed buggies made to go all out on terrain people would have a tough time climbing on foot. Here are some of them playing on some of the more technical trails at Dirty Turtle Offroad Park in Bedford, Kentucky.

Source: YouTube user MadRam11