NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

This is a little promo video for NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in Southern California. Their slogan is “We turn ideas into reality.” The video shows a highlight reel of some of the research projects that their scientists and engineers have given the gift of flight. These are the things that human ingenuity has brought the world.

Source: NASA Dryden on YouTube

Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Final Journey – LA Times

This is the third installment of the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s trip to its final resting place at the California Science Center. Our first look at the trip was the loading of the shuttle on to a Boeing 747 and then its subsequent flight over Southern California. This third and probably final leg of the journey is the 12 mile trek on the streets of Los Angeles between LAX and the California Space Center. The trip ended up being a logistical nightmare and nobody took a video of it in its entirety. The LA Times compiled this time lapse video using the photographs taken by the press and bystanders.

Source: Practikel Tube on YouTube

Gradient Sun – NASA

“The lines between art and science can sometimes blur.” This video from NASA will probably be the most astonishing thing you see today. Scientists are trying to study a phenomenon on our sun known as coronal loops. The footage from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory was run through a gradient filter to highlight the contrast of the fine structures of the coronal loops which would have otherwise been lost in background noise. You can only describe the result as a work of art.

Source: NASA Goddard on YouTube

Space Shuttle Endeavour Over Southern California

I’ve already posted videos of the loading and landing of Space Shuttle Endeavour’s final flight, but this a different perspective of the journey. This video was shot from one of the escort FA-18 Hornets as they flew over Southern California. There’s cockpit audio so you can hear the pilot speak to the videographer and point out the attractions they’re flying over.

Source: NASA Dryden on YouTube via Jalopnik