2012 Gymkhana GRID Final

Monster Energy flew Ken Block and Vaughn Gittin Jr. to the UK to compete in the Gymkhana GRID Finals. From what I can tell, this was the final event in a European championship. Ken and Vaughn raced the rear wheel drive and all drive champions for fun after they won their events. Oh yeah, there was also a massive party.

Source: Monster Energy on YouTube

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Wraps up the 2012 Formula D Season

Vaughn Gittin Jr. entered the seventh and final round of the 2012 Formula D Championship at Irwindale Speedway with a slight lead in a tight battle for championship points. As luck would have it, he was eliminated early when he made a mistake while blinded by smoke. Network A put together a highlight reel of Vaughn from all of the rounds of this year’s season.

**UPDATE**Click here for Network A’s entire playlist of Vaughn Gitten Jr’s 2012 Formula D season.

Source: Network A on YouTube

Club Loose Freedom Moves 2012 – Beard Life

BeardLife.net put together this grassroots drifting video featuring Formula D pro drifters and Drift Alliance brothers Ryan Tuerck, Vaughn Gittin Jr and Chris Forsberg. It’s basically the guys in beater cars keeping their skills sharp and their passion fresh by just having some good clean fun. There’s some bad words in the soundtrack, so the video gets a **NSFW**

Club Loose Freedom Moves 2012
from Beard Life on Vimeo.