Holiday Customs

This is one part of a series of videos that documents “Makers” in Portland, Oregon. These businesses bring things back to high quality custom hand built goods for people who want to stand out from bland mass produced goods. Holiday Customs is a one-man operation owned by Jared Johnson. He builds reasonably priced custom motorcycles.

MAKERS Part 3: Holiday Customs
from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.

Perfecting the BMW R1200 GS

2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the BMW GS series of adventure bikes. BMW invented and continue to set the bar for this genre of motorcycle with their GS line. The do-it-all motorcycle has picked up in popularity in recent years partly due to the slow economy making people demand that their toys be more flexible on and off road which is what the GS is named after. The new 2013 model 2013-bmw-r1200gs-engine-cooling-system via WebBikeWorld.comincorporates water cooling for the first time. Air still cools the cylinders through fins, but water is responsible for the valve seats in the heads. The big 2-cylinder boxer engine also incorporates an innovative Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) system that debuted in the current generation of the bike in 2010. The cams are turned perpendicular to the usual layout for intake and exhaust manifold clearance. Each cam drives one intake and exhaust valve. Slightly conical cam lobes allows the straight cam to drive valves that sit at V-angle from each other. BMW released this video showing how the passions of the engineers and designers shaped the new 2013 R1200 GS.

Source: BMW Motorrad on YouTube

Motorcycle Safety Foundation M1 License Course:

Jessi Lang from Motor Trend decided to get her M1 motorcycle license. She was completely new to two wheels so she took a training course put on by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation┬ábefore taking her license test. The course consisted of a classroom portion and then two 5-hour days on the bikes before testing. It’s definitely a great way to get ready for getting a motorcycle license if you don’t have any previous experience.

Source: Motor Trend on YouTube