Kott Motorcycles

Kott Motorcycles┬áis a vintage motorcycle shop in Los Angeles run by Dustin Kott. Dustin turns old Honda twins and inline four’s into cafe racer style bikes. He’s yet another craftsman who turns what other people perceive as junk with his skills and sense of style. Check out the story of how an American guy came to make a living customizing Japanese motorcycles with a British style:

from benedict campbell on Vimeo.

And here’s a video highlighting one of his recent builds:

Kott Motorcycles
from Ryan Buller on Vimeo.

Holiday Customs

This is one part of a series of videos that documents “Makers” in Portland, Oregon. These businesses bring things back to high quality custom hand built goods for people who want to stand out from bland mass produced goods. Holiday Customs is a one-man operation owned by Jared Johnson. He builds reasonably priced custom motorcycles.

MAKERS Part 3: Holiday Customs
from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.

The 59 Club – Look at Life

This is a clip from an episode of a show called Look at Life from the 60’s which examines the birth of Cafe Racer and Ton Up culture in the UK. What makes the clip interesting is that most of society viewed these motorcycle riders as hooligans. The show focuses on the 59 Club which was founded by a reverend to reach youth through motorcycle riding. Not only does the club have weekly gatherings, they also participate in lots of charity and social work that most of society never heard about in the news.

Source: YouTube user Idnshabba via Dime City Cycles on Facebook

The Man Who Designs Moto Guzzis

DRIVE channel’s Ride Apart segment featured this fascinating interview of the Vice President of Design for the Piaggio Group, Miguel Galluzzi. He is responsible for the design of the Ducati Monster and the Moto Guzzi V7 among other bikes. Hailing from Argentina, Galluzzi and his brother got their first motorcycle from their uncle as a birthday present instead of the drum set they were hoping for. From there they both started racing motocross before Galluzzi moved to Florida to study Mechanical Engineering. Once in Florida, Miguel transferred to the Art Center to study design. His work has been very influential in the world of Cafe Racers and naked bikes because he keeps things “simple and strong.” Watch the video to hear about the rest of his philosophy and what it means for a design to have soul.

Source: DRIVE on YouTube

No Evidence of Machines – Hattar Cycles

One of the themes that I like to encourage here at Flux Auto is for people to embrace being craftsmen, fabricators and makers. Take a stack of raw materials and use your skills with tools and machines to turn it into something valuable. Nobody sells what you want? Build it. I’m going to go a deeper into this subject in a big upcoming post, but just know that right now is the Age of the Maker. It’s going to be the people with creative ideas and even more creative methods of quick and effective execution that’s going to infuse our slumbering economy with some much needed innovation. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

This video features Evan Wilcox of Hatter Motorcycles. He talks about how he got into sheet metal fabrication and what keeps him motivated to continually improve his skill set. I hope there are more people in this world that have this kind of passion. We need them now more than ever.

Source: Hattar Motorcycles via Bike Exif on Facebook