Blastolene Piss’d Off Pete – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno brings the creator of his Tank Car, Randy Grubb, onto his show to check out his latest creation. Piss’d Off Pete is the fourth car in Randy’s Blastolene line of gigantic automotive sculptures. It’s a scaled up hot rod built around a twin supercharged 2-stroke Detroit Diesel V12 that was originally used for industrial plant work. Each cylinder is 71 cubic inches which translates to a total of 14 liters. We’ve featured it here on the blog before getting frantically rev’ed to it’s 2800 rpm redline. Here Jay and Randy go over the inspiration and finer details of Piss’d Off Pete as well as take it out for a spin.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube

Randy Grubb of Blastolene

Jay Leno's Tank Car via Popular Mechanics

Meet Randy Grubb. He’s one of the more prominent members of a collective of craftsmen known as Blastolene. You may know him as the creator of Jay Leno’s “Tank Car.” He was also a member of the Monster Garage team that created the Peterbilt Trike:

The DRIVE channel sent Matt Farah to Randy’s shop to get the story behind Blastolene. I found it interesting because he’s a craftsman of the highest degree. The video opens with Randy talking about how there are certain things that cannot be compromised which means they simply take as long as they take to build no matter how long that may be. It’s something that we are beginning to lose sight of in the modern age of mass production of bland goods designed to offend the least amount of the masses as possible. Randy Grubb doesn’t let anything stop him from building things to the level of completion that satisfies his creative vision for his projects. The Decoliner, an RV converted to look and drive like a retro cruise ship, is a perfect example of this uncompromising craftsmanship. You can drive it normally from inside the cabin, but the beauty behind the Decoliner is that you can also drive it from the roof so that it feels like you’re piloting a yacht on land. It’s more ridiculously awesome than you are picturing it to be in your head right now:

Source: DRIVE on YouTube