Quirky Cars of the Porsche Museum

Porsche-Meuseum via http://auto.indiamart.com/autoblog/the-new-porsche-museum.htmlThe Porsche Museum┬áis located next to Porsche headquarters in Zuffenhausen, Germany. The 60 million Euro facility is a wonder of architectural design that holds around 300 exhibits. Fortunately for us but unfortunately for the museum, Porsche’s history and racing heritage is far too large to be contained in 300 exhibits. Porsche released this video showing off the museum’s satellite storage area on the outskirts of Stuttgart. Cars that are being rotated out of the main museum come to this storage area before being transported to different displays around the world. Many of the cars are also restored to working condition here. Two of the staff historians detail some of the more obscure and quirky cars that have come through the storage facility:

Source: Porsche on YouTube