1906 Adams-Farwell Rotary Engine

The National Automobile Museum in Reno Nevada brought their 1906 Adams-Farwell Series 6 touring car to Pebble Beach last year. It’s the last car of it’s kind and it has the only working Adams-Farwell air-cooled 5 cylinder rotary piston engine in existence. Rotary piston engine you say? The crankcase with the 5 cylinders rotates around a stationary crankshaft in the center of the engine. The layout used centrifugal force to distribute fuel and scavenge exhaust gases while providing exceptional air cooling. I guess this is technically a rotary radial engine which is rad.

Source: YouTube user EarthAdvocate

1909 Blitzen-Benz

At one point in time the Blitzen Benz was the fastest object on the planet besides a bullet. The 200 horsepower, 21.5 liter (1300 cubic inches) engine propelled this car to speeds higher than the fastest planes and trains of the time. It was also one of the first cars to attempt land speed records at the Bonneville salt flats. The US Mercedes Classic Center displayed the car and started its engine at Pebble Beach. Check it out:

Source: YouTube user EarthAdvocate

The Quail 2012 – evo Diaries

The Quail show at Pebble Beach is probably one of the most exclusive car shows in the world. Tickets are $500 and the show takes place during Pebble Weekend before the RM Auctions. Harry Metcalfe of evo Magazine brought a camera along with him for this year’s show so we could see what it was all about. Highlights include what will probably be the only public appearance of the McLaren X-1, the factory built one-off custom based on the MP4-12C. Dodge brought out the new Viper and Lamborghini showed up with their new SUV concept and the Sesto Elemento (Italian for “6th Element” which is Carbon). A train of Shelby Cobras got a police escort from Laguna Seca where they were participating in the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of describing all the cars that were there.

Source: evo TV on YouTube

Bonneville Lakesters at Pebble Beach

This is a video from Pebble Beach in 2010 where they honored some of the pioneers of Bonneville speed records of years past. One of the cars they look at is still the current record holder for flathead V8’s going 236 mph. The SoCal Speed Shot P38 belly tank car was also in attendance along with it’s builder. It’s definitely a cool look into an era of real American ingenuity that is still being carried on today.

Source: EarthAdvocate on YouTube